9 Mile Vodka: Conquering the German Rap Scene

When watching recent German rap music videos, one commonality stands out. The 9 Mile vodka bottles are everywhere.
When watching recent German rap music videos, one commonality stands out. The 9 Mile vodka bottles are everywhere.

The bottles with the black label, bronze script, and striking grain can be seen in many of the videos, from KC Rebell, Jamule, to Apache 207, some of the most influential rappers are endorsing the 9 Mile product. The beverage manufacturer MGB Group, which also distributes the beer mixed drink Salitos, energy drink Effect, and sparkling wine Scavi & Ray, is responsible for this marketing campaign.

Company profile of the MBG Group

However, the connection to music was not chosen randomly. MGB Group originated from a small Paderborn disco that the founder and CEO Andreas W. Herb had at the age of 20, together with six friends. Over the years, other music events such as the Loveparade or Parookaville were sponsored by the company, making the active presence in the current German rap scene ideal for several reasons. On the one hand, company values are not changed as the connection to music has been maintained since the beginning. On the other hand, German rap polarizes like no other music genre in Germany. The new music videos regularly reach top spots in the charts and in the YouTube trends.

Artists Endorsing 9 Mile Vodka

For example, Apache 207’s video for the song “Vodka // Lamborghini Doors” has reached almost seven million views in nine months, and has even gained popularity outside of his usual target audience. KC Rebell’s song “Mogli” and NGEE’s “Es ist wie es ist” also feature the vodka bottle.

Apache 207 with 9 Mile Vodka

Although all the artists belong to the German rap scene, their music styles differ from each other and therefore also the audience. While Jamule combines the versatility of his Spanish and Lebanese roots in his music, he combines rap music with radio pop and urban drums, the artist NGEE shows a more direct and harder style in his songs, as his name suggests, N for the initial of his first name, and Gee for Gangster. This allows 9 Mile Vodka to reach a larger group of people instead of just focusing on one direction in the music offering.

As a contrast in the music offering, the creator and musician Katja Krasavice also endorses the product. Formerly mocked by many for her music, she is gradually establishing herself in the market. She is also supported by the MGM Group in the form of the beer mixed drink brand Salitos. For example, she presents the appropriate beer variety Pink in her music video “Narben” with over 2.2 million views.


In conclusion, not only is the product range at MGM Group diverse and market-covering, but their marketing campaigns also target a market, in this case, the German rap scene to increase the company’s image, sales, and visibility. Like their products, they also use the different nuances of music genres to appeal to as many people as possible. With these thoughtful marketing strategies, MGM Group has become one of the leading companies in the field of beverage production and development in Germany.